Zero Gravity marijuana seeds

Zero Gravity

Type: Indica
Genetics: Gravity fl x Afghan
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 10 Weeks

Gravity fl floated its way to THSeeds on a long journey. In 1999 it started in Amsterdam in limited batches from Neville and Shanti Baba. This multi hybrid indica proved itself by being kept alive for years only to return to Amsterdam, this time as a clone.

THSeeds created Zero- Gravity by breeding this clone with their Afghan. Zero-Gravity is a combination of super sweet flavor and a very satisfying high making this plant a delightful smoke. It produces big yields of super sticky weed.







Zero Gravity Seeds


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1 comment to Zero Gravity

  • primo13420

    i saw u carry stony girl gardens pit bull! these people r the ponsi scheme of the medical cannabis community, liars cheats rip offs hermmy seeds ed rosenthal told them thier breeding is no good nothing stabelized. breed baby 2 babyond they r always getting robbed .no cameras .inside job how do u get robbed 10 times or more in6 years w/ 5people and the PIT BULL in the house its tough on the patients they grow 4 always getting robbed . these people need to b outed. scams pit bull the spider magnet from hell. p-91 parent spider mite resistant. stupid breeders

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