The Stones marijuana seeds

The Stones

Type: mostly Sativa
Genetics: Master Kush/Skunk x Haze
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 9-12 Weeks

The location that a marijuana plant is grown plays a big part on how potent and productive it will be. Placing a Cannabis plant in the right type of climate, soil and overall growing condition will almost always ensure a sizable yield and potent product. This is the same case with The Stones variety. This variety is bred by Shantibaba, one of the most renowned marijuana breeders. It is a combination of 50% Haze, 25% Afghan and 25% Skunk.

The location plays a big part on how The Stones will be grown. In the Northern hemisphere it is advisable to place this weed variety indoors or to place it in a greenhouse and place it indoors during the latter part of the cycle. The plant is too vulnerable when it comes to colder weathers. In the Southern hemisphere however it is fine to grow it outdoors and June is the expected time of completion. The normal flowering time for The Stones occurs between 10 to 12 weeks and this may grow shorter depending on the weather and overall growing conditions. Rain and cold could hinder the growth and may severely damage the plant. This plant has a fruity flavor and it has a very stony high which is good for medical purposes.






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