The Doctor marijuana seeds

The Doctor

Type: mostly Indica
Genetics: Great White Shark x South Indian x Super SKunk
Climate: Indoor
Flowering Period: 50-60 days

A legendary indica, The Doctor was on sale for just a year in 2006, and it quickly became a legend. It is a strong narcotic indica, a cross between Great White Shark, South Indian indica and Super Skunk; it flowers in 8 weeks. The Doctor expresses skunk related traits, and a sweet fruity skunky aroma. It was discontinued due to some issues with the strain but the constant demand pushed Greenhouse to dedicate a great deal of effort to fix the problems. After years of selection and breeding Greenhouse are finally ready to bring back this old champion.

A champion producer, this mostly indica variety generates the ehaviest, most dense bud of Green House Seed’s collection. besides being a powerhouse of production and stone, The Doctor is also an easy-to-grow plant that performs well for beginners and experienced growers alike. Soil-based setups will deliver sweeter tastes, but hydro delivers a bigger yield. Outdoors, this variety matures properly in temperate and Mediterraneam zones as well as in subtropical regions, finishing around the end of September in the Northern hemisphere.

The Doctor is a bushy, indica-dominant plant that requires trimming to clear away her lower branches, and prefers 2 square feet of space per plant. This variety enjoys generous feedings, especially in hydroponics systems. Green House recommends adding extra phosphorous and potassium about midway through flowering, in week 4, in order to maximize flower development. EC levels should not exceed 2.4 in hydro and 2.0 in soil.

The buds on this plant may remind you of primitive totems peeping out of a jungle. Massive colas jut out from the dark green leaves, looking oddly out of proportion to the short bushy stature of the plant. Rounded calyxes shoot in all directions from the cola profile. The flavoe is sweet, earthy indica with a skunky background.






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3 comments to The Doctor

  • khary norman

    Hi I wrote to you guys about a week ago about a problem I had , I ordered 30 feminized seeds from you guys. 20 doctors and 10 white widow. and I was very disappointed cause I had more than 7 plants with pollen sacs .. and the opened up and my plants end up with pollen. All of them were ruin. after like 3 months of hard work and spending money on the seeds and product for it and everything is ruin.. but the worst part is that no one is willing to help me out . not even the seed bank I got it from .I bought it thru you guys. I contact the other seed bank and they told me I had to doit thru you guys. and im going back and forward trying to get not asking for the money back . I just want to be reimburse with what I paid for feminized seeds.thats all. im not very happy with all this not getting help. I grow a lot im so disappointed that I don’t think I would order seeds from you guys again if I don’t get the help I need. Wasted so much money on all of this for nothing.

  • khary norman

    hi. I ordered 20 doctors and 10 white widows from u guys. and it was supposed to be feminized and some of them came out males and messed up my other plants. I was wondering if you can help me with that? I have pics to show u if u want..can they be replaced cause I spent almost $200 on seeds.. thank you

    • kind green seeds

      Hi Khary, sorry to hear abut that. Please contact the particular seed bank you ordered from and I’m sure they will be able to help you out..

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