The Cure marijuana seeds

The Cure

Type: mostly Sativa
Genetics: Afghan/Skunk x Haze
Climate: Indoor / Outdor
Flowering Period: 9-12 Weeks

This strain was bred to combine a lot of genetics from proven male lines of outstanding pedigree. This limited seed line has produces some exceptional phenotypes.

Mr. Nice did us all a huge favor when they created this glorious strain. With an exotic parentage of Haze x Afghan Skunk, The Cure will alleviate most of your medical ailments as well as provide you with a delicious flavor. The buds are fairly dense with a good amount of trichromes and have medium, pink-orange pistils that shoot up out of a light-green foliage.

Most growers who cultivate these lovely ladies can expect a 10 – 12 week flowering period, with an occasional phenotype maturing in as fast as 9 weeks. When grown indoors, these plants can give a great yield if grown in either a Sea of Green or Screen of Green garden. While it’s not recommended to grow these ladies outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere, when grown in a greenhouse, they can yield up to a pound per plant. They’ll thrive in either an organic soil medium or in a hydro setup, where the yield will be increased. Also, don’t be afraid to feed these ladies generously, giving them a 3 week flush in soil or 10 to 12 day flush in hydro. If you’re a beginning grower, you may want to look into growing something more suited to your skill level, as these ladies can be quite finicky, due to the Haze parentage.

Sharp and crisp flavors of lemon, pine and earth are present on the inhale, with a slight added hash flavor on the exhale. Look for these eighths to go for between $55 and $60 an eighth at most Bay Area clubs.






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The Cure Seeds


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