The Church marijuana seeds

The Church

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Swiss Sativa Skunk x Super Skunk / Northern Lights
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 63 days

The L.A.-based heavy metal band, System of a Down, sat in with Green House breeders on a little variety naming session back in 2005 when they appeared on the Very Important Smokers panel. They helped Green House to arrive at the name “The Church” after the lyrics in one of their songs.

This mostly indica variety is suitable in temperate and mountanous environments as well as balmy regions more conducive to outdoor grows. She is particularly well suited for areas with high levels of humidity due to her extraordinary mold resistance. Indoors, this plant performs best in soil-based gardens, although she also does well in hydroponic systems. The Church is a rugged, adaptable plant that branches modrately to form arounded bush of modest height. Her mid-sized internodes are more extended than most indicas. Green House recommends spacing these plants at one per 2 square feet to allow each one to fulfill her potential. Pruning might also be in order to direct the plant’s energy into her most valuable branches.

The Church can soak nutrients, especiall in hydro setups. The pH should be started at 5.6/5.8 and slowly insreased to 6.5 at the end of flowering. The maximum EC should be 2.1 in hydro and 1.8 in soil. Plants require 9 weeks to ripen and should be flushed in the last weeks to ensure the best quality and flavor.

This plant flushes topurple rather quickly if exposed to low night temperatures. Her mature buds are replete with thick short hairs. The Church’s round clustered nuggets of bud take on a sage-like sheen due to the silver-gray tone of the resin.

The predominant sensation on first smoking The Church is mental stimulation and ease, followed by a steady descent into the body, which feels clean and loose-limbed for many hours afterwards. Tastewise, spring flowers and red berries keep the flavor light and sweet. Rather than the jolt of heavy hitting strains, The Church offers a mild, progressive high that doesn’t rule out work, play or socializing.






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