Sweet Tai Marijuana Seeds

Sweet Tai marijuana

Sweet Tai

Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Super Tai x Early Skunk Climate: Indoor / Outdoot Flowering Period: 9 weeks

Fantastic crossbreed between our Super Tai and an Early Skunk. As a result we have obtained a very tasty, deeply spiced, exotic flavour typical of Asian varieties.

The Early […]

Thai Fantasy Marijuana Seeds

Thai Fantasy marijuana

Thai Fantasy

Type: Sativa Genetics: Super Thai x Mazar Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

We decided to keep the name of this variety because we wanted an exotic name for our most tropical variety, with genetics brought over from the other side of the ocean. […]

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

Super Silver Haze marijuana

Super Silver Haze

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Skunk x NL x Haze Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 10-11 weeks

Originally bred by an obscure figure in the Holland marijuana scene, Super Silver haze has risen to become the Tiger Woods of the pot world. First place winner of […]

Super Lemon Haze Marijuana Seeds

Super Lemon Haze marijuana

Super Lemon Haze

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks

The Super Lemon Haze has won the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup with a landslide of votes. Between the many reasons: its incredibly intense lemony flavour, with a […]

Super Critical Marijuana Seeds

Super Critical marijuana

Super Critical

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 6-7 weeks

A classic Spanish strain, revisited by Green House Seed Company, and made autoflowering. It has a medium-large size plant (70-120 cm) and has a very good production.

It […]

Super Bud Marijuana Seeds

Super Bud marijuana

Super Bud

Type: Indica Genetics: Big Bud x Skunk Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8 weeks

In honor of cannabis elitist, Ed Rosenthal, Super Bud was created by crossing Afghani, Indian, Thai, Mexican, African and Jamaican strains. It took some time to accomplish, but the end result […]

Kaia Kush Marijuana Seeds

Kaia Kush marijuana

Kaia Kush

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Kush Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 9 weeks

The origins of Kaia Kush cannabis are OG Kush crossed with Super Silver Haze. The origins of Kush cannabis are from landrace plants mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western […]

Great White Shark Marijuana Seeds

Great White Shark marijuana

Great White Shark

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 9 weeks

The Great White Shark marijuana strain is one that is super potent and provides a very powerful narcotic effect. It’s serious medicine with clinically-tested THC levels of 14.85% […]

Arjan's Haze #3 Marijuana Seeds

Arjan's Haze #3 marijuana

Arjan’s Haze #3

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: Neville’s Haze x Super Silver Haze x Laos Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 77 days

Arjan’s Haze #3 brings together a father from Laos with a combination of Neville’s Haze and Super Silver Haze. Green House Seed Company recommends this […]

Chaze Super Marijuana Seeds

Chaze Super marijuana

Chaze Super

Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Stitch 0.1 x Haze x Cheese Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 95-100 days from seeds

Flashes new 2011 Chaze SuperAuto is the most potent and productive autoflowering plant to date. An innovative cross containing the most famous original Cheese from Big […]