Easy Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Easy Sativa marijuana

Easy Sativa

Type: Sativa Climate: Outdoor Flowering Period: 7 weeks

Easy sativa is an easy new-style sativa variety suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation. It is one of the best outdoor strains in Holland due to its early flowering characteristics and large buds that are ready in September. […]

Santa Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Santa Sativa marijuana

Santa Sativa

Type: Sativa Genetics: Haze x (Northern Lights x Skunk) Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks

MobyDick’s sativa cousin Santa Sativa is equally demanding in terms of light and nutrient requirements but has a better quality effect than its cousin. It needs lots of zinc, […]

Mexican Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Mexican Sativa marijuana

Mexican Sativa

Type: Sativa Genetics: Mexican Oaxacan x Hash Plant x Durban Climate: Outdoor Flowering Period: 9-10 Weeks

Mexican Sativa is a 3-way cannabis hybrid that is easy to grow. It was developed in the Cannabis Castle through years of selective breeding and backcrossing the Mexican Oahakan x […]