White Domina Marijuana Seeds

White Domina marijuana

White Domina

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: Afghani Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

This is without a doubt the most indica of all our crosses — a prodigy of nature whose genetics have been improved generation after generation. As it is a plant that is nearly […]

Thai Fantasy Marijuana Seeds

Thai Fantasy marijuana

Thai Fantasy

Type: Sativa Genetics: Super Thai x Mazar Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

We decided to keep the name of this variety because we wanted an exotic name for our most tropical variety, with genetics brought over from the other side of the ocean. […]

Speedy Gonzales Marijuana Seeds

Speedy Gonzales marijuana

Speedy Gonzales

Type: Ruderalis Genetics: La Reina de África x Ruderalis Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 50-60 days

This variety is a real ‘Pure Bred’. Proceeding from one of the best-known lineages to the growers from our catalog, La Reina de África, Speedy is a genuine and […]

Smile Marijuana Seeds

Smile marijuana


Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: AK47 x Orange Bud Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

The Orange Bud indica male used for this cross gives it a shorter height and rock-hard buds.

The balance achieved with this cross makes it an excellent option for indoor growing, […]

Pato #1 Marijuana Seeds

Pato marijuana

Pato #1

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Skunk-Mango x Afghan Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 65 days

Since I started professional growing, I have always kept a Mango mother (a Skunk hybrid variety with the odor and flavor of tropical fruits), because it is, in my opinion, one […]

Original Berry Marijuana Seeds

Original Berry marijuana

Original Berry

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: Blueberry x Mazar Climate: Indoor Flowering Period: 8-12 Weeks

We have stabilised the cross between Blueberry and Mazar with a subsequent cross with another Blueberry mother with more sativa structural parameters, to give it a more ramified, taller structure, producing plants that […]

Mikromachine Marijuana Seeds

Mikromachine marijuana


Type: Ruderalis Genetics: Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk Climate: Indoor Flowering Period: 50-60 days

The genetic cross between our two best autoflowering seeds has resulted in a superior genetics. This is the most productive of our new varieties. A real machine for bud and trichome production.


Mataro Blue Marijuana Seeds

Mataro Blue marijuana

Mataro Blue

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: Blue Moonshine / White Widow / La Blanca Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks

The most difficult genotype in our entire catalogue is a three-way cross featuring the best of several predominantly indica strains. One of these is one […]

La Reina de Africa Marijuana Seeds

La Reina de Africa marijuana

La Reina de Africa

Type: Sativa Genetics: Central African sativa x Early Durban Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

This strain also known as African Queen is a 100% Sativa strain which inherits its early flowering traits from its Early Durban parentage. It has a liquorice […]

La Blanca Marijuana Seeds

La Blanca marijuana

La Blanca

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: White Widow x Snow White Climate: Indoor Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

La Blanca is a hugely resinous strain covered in crystals – it is a truly exceptional strain and is dedicated to Diego Armando. Also known as Diego’s choice, his name says […]