Sour Cream Marijuana Seeds

Sour Cream marijuana

Sour Cream

Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Original Sour Diesel x G13 Haze Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 10-12 Weeks

Sour Cream descends from two powerful North American lines. The New England “diesels” are non-haze sativas that push marijuana’s citrus like pungency into the realm of fuel. Sour […]

SnowLAnd Marijuana Seeds

SnoLAnd marijuana


Type: Hybrid Genetics: Snowcap X LA Confidential Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

About 4-5 years ago DNA Genetics brought out the Snow Cap Romulan it was a quick hit and was a limited release. So here we are 4 years later and now DNA […]

Sleestack x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

Sleestack x Skunk marijuana

Sleestack x Skunk

Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Sleestack x Skunk Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

The Sleestack x Skunk (SleeSkunk) is possibly one of the best hash producers in the world! It is tasty and very resinous. When grown, this strain turns out a good […]

Sleestack Marijuana Seeds

Sleestack marijuana


Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Shrom x Martian Mean Green Climate: Indoor / Outdor Flowering Period: 9 weeks

This strain brings two of our favourite strains together. Shrom is a cutting that we got a few years ago from Northern California. The Shrom yields and tastes great. We […]

Shark's Breath Marijuana Seeds

Sharks Breath marijuana

Shark’s Breath

Type: Indica Genetics: Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbread Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 9 Weeks

With amazing flavor and smell and an outstanding buzz, the guys at DNA Genetics have done an excellent job in creating this very special plant. The Sharksbreath is a […]

Rocklock Marijuana Seeds

Rocklock marijuana


Type: Indica Genetics: Warlock x Rockstar Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8 Weeks

Rocklock stands on the shoulders of giants. This strain derives from a carefully selected cross of gifted genetics, Rockstar and Warlock. Both parents are easy-growing indoor strains with unusually stimulating indica buzzes. Rocklock, […]

Purple LA Marijuana Seeds

Purple LA marijuana

Purple LA

Type: Indica Genetics: Purple X LA Confidential Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8 weeks

This cross is for the people that want Dank Purple Flowers. The Purple LA is a little slow in vegetative but as soon as the roots reach the bottom of the […]

Pure Afghan Marijuana Seeds

Pure Afghan marijuana

Pure Afghan

Type: Indica Genetics: Mazar-i-Sharif Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks

The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace from the Mazar-i-Sharif region of Afghanistan. This is the only DNA strain that is bred outside of Holland and is from a fresh seed stock.

She is […]

P.C.K. Marijuana Seeds

P.C.K. marijuana


Type: Indica Genetics: Purple Chem X Capt. Krypt OG Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 60-70 days

The PCK is that Purple that gets you baked so why cross it? To make it stronger! Not for the weak this cross will be some fire! Expect Good yields […]

OG Grape Krypt Marijuana Seeds

OG Grape Krypt marijuana

OG Grape Krypt

Type: mostly Indica Genetics: Grape FX X Capt. Krypt OG Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 56-63 days

This is another one from the past when Reserva Privada first started the Grape FX now were crossing her with the Selected Capt. Krypt OG male. Another […]