Zamaldelica Marijuana Seeds

Zamaldelica marijuana


Type: Sativa Genetics: Zamal x Malawi/Thai Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 11-14 weeks

Zamal is an exotic african sativa from La Reunion Island, close to Madagascar, famous for its extreme vigor and legendary psychedelic effect. An excellent Zamal mother selected for its trippy effect, fast flowering […]

Vietnam Black x Thai Marijuana Seeds

Vietnam Black x Thai

Vietnam Black x Thai

Type: Sativa Genetics: Vietnam Black x MeaoThai Climate: Outdoor

Vietnam Black x Thai is an excellent hybrid of sativas from South East Asia. Ace seeds best Vietnam Black, Orient Express’s mother, has been pollinated by a Meao Thai male, the exceptional highland Thai developed […]

Tikal Marijuana Seeds

Tikal marijuana


Type: Hybrid Genetics: Guatemala Sativa X Kush Haze Climate: Indoor / Outdoor

Tikal is a new sativa hybrid with Central American genetics, originating from the jungles of Guatemala. It is said to be easy to cultivate and doesn’t require any special marijuana farming skills. Strong Central American […]

Purple Haze x Panama Marijuana Seeds

Purple Haze x Panama marijuana

Purple Haze x Panama

Type: Sativa Genetics: Purple Haze x Panama Climate: Outdoor

Purple Haze mother pollinated by Panama male selected for latest reproductions. Leaves and flowers fill with beautiful red and purple, typical purple haze appearance. Some plants also show the classic Panama’s pinkish pistil.

Tall thin […]

Purple Haze x Meao Thai Marijuana Seeds

Purple Haze x Meao Thai marijuana

Purple Haze x Meao Thai

Type: Sativa Genetics: Purple Haze x Meao Thai Climate: Outdoor

The best Purple Haze mother from ACE’s Oldtimer’s Haze selections has been pollinated by the Meao Thai male. An authentic rarity to be enjoyed by the Thai Haze lovers. Especially recommended for outdoors […]

Purple Haze Marijuana Seeds

Purple Haze marijuana

Purple Haze

Type: mostly Sativa Genetics: Purple Thai x Haze Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 50-60 days

The name of this now infamous sativa strain is well known to smokers and non-smokers alike, popularized both by its magnificent qualities and the not so surprising embrace by the […]

Panama Marijuana Seeds

Panama marijuana


Type: Sativa Genetics: Panama ’74, Green Panama and Colombian “Punto Rojo” Climate: Outdoor

Panama Feminized is another successful result of Ace Seeds breeders. This has been a project in the making of a new potential cannabis strain for several years now and is finally available for market! […]

Pakistan Chitral Kush Marijuana Seeds

Pakistan Chitral Kush marijuana

Pakistan Chitral Kush

Type: Indica Climate: Indoor / Outdoor Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks

Chitral is widely known in the cannabis world as being producer of one of the best Pakistan’s hashes. The Pakistan Chitral ACE offer’s is an excellent pure indica bred in the Iberian Peninsula since middle […]

Orient Express Marijuana Seeds

Orient Express marijuana

Orient Express

Type: Hybrid Genetics: Vietnam Black X China Yunnan Climate: Indoor / Outdoor

Orient Express is a potent F1 marijuana hybrid from Ace Seeds industry whose breeders combined the high production of aromatic and resinous flowers of a Vietnam Black mother with the low height and short […]

Nepal Jam Marijuana Seeds

Nepal Jam marijuana

Nepal Jam

Type: Sativa Genetics: Nepalese highland x Jamaica ’85 Climate: Indoor / Outdoor

Ace Seeds Nepal Jam is another marijuana strain from Ace Seeds industry with pronounced Asian characteristics. She is a stable mostly sativa hybrid of a Nepalese female and a Jamaican male. By combining the […]