Shark Shock marijuana seeds

Shark Shock

Type: Indica
Genetics: White Widow x Skunk #1
Climate: Indoor
Flowering Period: 40-45 days

Shark Shock grows into a densely compacted white skunk with extreme aromas and a high that dazes the smoker with pleasure. Resulting from a cross of the infamous White Widow with the Skunk #1, Shark Shock is a mostly indica plant that develops hairs ranging in color from flaxen to rust and shines with gleaming crystals.

A cross known by many aliases, Shark Shock shares genetic heritage with peacemaker and Great White Shark. The buds are compact and heavy along very strong and uniform branches. If grown to full size, it can get as large as 9 feet in height and widens to a traditional evergreen shape. Under controlled indoor growing settings, the average height is 4 feet.

This plant will produce great finger hash and excels in its fruity taste and intensely stoney effects. Indoors, expect a happily brief flowering cycle of 40-45 days that can yield up to 500-600 grams per square meter. outside, this plant finishes in the Northern hemisphere in late September or early October in the Southern hemisphere March to early April is harvest time. While not a temperamental variety, growers should take care not to over fertilize in order to reap the best results.






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Shark Shock Seeds


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2 comments to Shark Shock

  • Steve Crill

    Hell there, this is Steve in Santa Cruz (Felton), and wanted to know how much the difference between the Male and Female seeds are? I think Shark Shock may be the right strain and would grow it if I knew the difference. May be better to get a few g’s first, can you help me in this quest. I have a Med. Card and am in search of a strain that will help with my insomnia. Hope a reply comes soon. Thanks… Steve

    • kind green seeds

      What you want is female seeds, or seeds that result in female plants, as those are the only ones that produce flowers..

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