Qleaner marijuana seeds


Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Jacks Cleaner F1 x Purple Urkle x Space Queen
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 60-70 Days

Qleaner’s true beginnings are with its Jack’s Cleaner mother. Jack’s Cleaner is a complex cross, which began by pairing Plutton and Neville’s 1985 Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) Northern Lights #5. Through multiple steps, Purple Haze and Jack Herer were also intorduced to the Jack’s Qleaner in its flavor and effects, but the Q comes from the influence of the father, a west coast mix of Purple Urkle and Space Queen.

Due to her short frame, Qleaner performs well indoors, producing good yields in both soil and hydroponic setups. When hydro methods are used, this strain tends to experience a fast growth spurt. In soil, Qleaner plants should be topped and trained to maximize light, which greatly improves garden yields. Short vegetative times in hydro will deliver yields of about 2 ounces per site. In soil, 5 ounces per plant is average. Plants budded at 24 inches finish at a height of less than 5 feet. Topped Qleaner plants grow very wide and have a great deal of lower branching. This plant forms enormous fan leaves, which should be removed from the lower branches lest they serve as umbrellas shading light from peripheral bud sites. When left untopped, the lower branches shoot up until they are almost equal in height with the top cola.

Outdoors, Qleaner’s growth takes off fast. She looks like a different plant when compared to her indoor cousins. At 42 degrees N latitude, Qleaner finishes by mid or late October. longer grow season would allow the plants to have extended flowering time and grow larger.

The Qleaner has a thick musty grape scent while growing but tends to keep its smells trapped unless a flower is manipulated. As the plants progress, the leaves get an oily, leathery look and take on purple tones when the nighttime temperatures dip. The buds fill out nicely as plants near ripeness, and the leaves turn so deeply purple that they appear nearly black by harvest time. Qleaner buds are dense and crunchy to the touch due to the thick layer of encrusted bulbous trichomes. When trimming, black resin builds up on scissors and must be tasted to believe the strong grape experience.

The first thing you notice with the Qleaner is the strong candy grape flavor. Clone selection was guided by flavor, and the unmistakable tastes of grape Kool-Aid dominate, with floral fruity hints adding dimension. Almost a stimulant at the outset, Qleaner comes on very fast with an initial clearheaded, clean feeling buzz. For the first half hour, the high continues to build until it starts moving down into the body. As such, this variety is an ixhilirating experience, adding a general sense of giddiness to the atmosphere, but as the full potency kicks in, watching TV may be about all you can handle. Getting a light buzz may create an electric energy, but overconsumption leads to a strong tendency to couchlock. Subcool recommends this variety for tinctures, which provide very good pain relief when applied both externally and internally. Hints of grape flavor carry through when glycerin is used as the base.






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