purple marijuana seeds

“Purple” marijuana strains are well known for their smell, taste, and of course, their coloring. While there are ways of forcing certain strain to turn purple or blue by lowering temperature during flowering, for example, true “purple” genetics bring an unmistakable flavor profile to the cannabis plant.

Granddaddy Purple marijuana seeds
Granddaddy Purple

As an indoor crop, Granddaddy Purple is equally happy in hydro or soil. With a pure indica heritage, this plant is predisposed to a short bushy stature. Granddaddy branches extensively, making her less than ideal for SOG style grows, but she can be trained to make an awesome super crop garden. When left to her natural tendencies, this strain…

Purple Haze marijuana seeds
Purple Haze

The name of this now infamous sativa strain is well known to smokers and non-smokers alike, popularized both by its magnificent qualities and the not so surprising embrace by the Hippie subculture of the 60′s and 70′s. Purple Haze is truly one of the classic strains, its buds full of color and flavor, and always a pleasure to smoke.

Purple Wreck marijuana seeds
Purple Wreck

Urkel is one of California’s most sought after strain. It demands the highest price in any circle. It was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. This improved the vigour of the Urkel, a notorious slow grower. The Purple Wreck has large Train Wreck buds with purple hues. The sweet fruity aroma of the Urkel dominates the cross. The Purple Wreck is…

New Purple Power marijuana seeds
New Purple Power

The first few New Purple Power varieties arrived in Europe in the late eighties. These came from the West Coast of the USA. They immediately became famous and this is mainly because of their unique and exotic flavours and colours as well. More importantly they became popular because of their strong effects! Even so, the first few seed-strains…

Da Purps marijuana seeds
Da Purps

This beautiful variety was ‘gifted’ to T.H.Seeds from experienced Nor-Cal growers. A grape flavored resin coated plant; this plant proves that purple doesn’t necessarily stands for less quality. Originally grown from 23-year-old seeds, the Purps turned out to be the perfect match for our Afghani male. To keep the spirit of the Purps…

Purple Mazar marijuana seeds
Purple Mazar

The purple mazar derives its name from its parent species the renowned Mazar Afghani. It is a weed that is famous among smokers who like planting their marijuana seed indoors. This Ganja can also do well when planted in the open. It thrives well there and attains maturity within a short time which ranges between 70 and 75 days.

Purple Power marijuana seeds
Purple Power

In the late 1980s, the famous import purple strains were very popular to smoke but would not grow as well in the northern European regions. Purple Power was developed so the qualities of the yummy purple strains could be cultivated successfully in cold and wet climates. Like all outdoor strains, Purple Power appreciates lots of sun and warmth…

Ceres Purple marijuana seeds
Ceres Purple

The beautiful Purple from Ceres Seeds is a classic that is popular all over the world. It is a quick flowering variety that was developed for outdoor growing. Of course this plant would also do well indoors, under lights. Purple genetics are well known for their specific taste and smell, and this strain exemplifies all of those characteristics.

Purple Bud marijuana seeds
Purple Bud

Purple Bud is an interesting variety coming from Oregon in the USA. In Oregon and California there are many different coloured varieties such as Purple Oregon Sativa, the Purple Akala or the “the Purps” praised by Jason King in his book The Cannabible. These strain are as interesting as much for their colours as for their fruity tastes.

Sweet Purple marijuana seeds
Sweet Purple

Sweet Purple is a hybrid of 3 varieties: a purple variety, an early-finishing / large-yielding Dutch variety and an exceptionally potent strain. As the name implies, this strain most of the time keeps the coloration of the purple parent, while gaining sweetness and potency from the Dutch part of the family. This mostly Indica mix was…