Privilege marijuana seeds


Type: Indica
Genetics: Colombian Mango Biche x Kali Mist/Black Domina
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 10 Weeks

After many years of crossbreeding, World of Seeds launches one of poli-hybrids most appreciated by its breeders. It’s a cross that preserves noble genetics and highest valued among cannabis connoisseurs due to its high germination percentage, plague resistance, short flowering periods, high THC and CBD contents and exceptional flavour.

The genetics of this variety starts with the clones originated from Afghanistan whose genes has contributed excellent crops and short flowering periods. Those females of selected clones have been crossbred with the males of homogeneous genetics of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It brought in a unique flavour and aroma with powerful effects.

The result of this cross has been grown indoor, domesticating wild genes of landraces and than has been treated with STS technology by Natural Products and Seeds and Life laboratories in Amsterdam, giving birth to poli-hybrid F1, ultra-stable, with the genes completely suitable with indoor growth and mid climate, and with its genotype unified in flavour and fragrance.






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Feminized Privilege Seeds


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