Number One marijuana seeds

Number One

Type: Ruderalis
Genetics: Hindu Kush, North Indian and Skunk
Climate: Indoor
Flowering Period: 50-60 days

Number one is a hybrid of two strains of marijuana which have not yet been identified. This cannabis is quite a superior strain of Ganja which is why it is among those sought after by a lot of growers worldwide. It weed thrives well in an outdoor growing set-up but also does well indoors. Flash Seeds attains a height ranging between 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters which is quite high for a hybrid with ruderalis genetics. To attain that the pot takes around three months or up to a hundred days to reach maturity and flower.

This Ganja is one of the highly producing hybrids since it gives a yield ranging between 100 grams and 200 grams.This weed is famous for its high quality produce. It is a favorite cannabis smoked by those people who are fond of sitting back to think and relax since after they smoke the weed, it energizes and calms them at the same time while relishing memories.







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