La Nina marijuana seeds

La Nina

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Haze x White Widow
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks

A three-quarter sativa, La Nina is a good selection for the Haze lover, but not as good for a beginner’s garden. Indoor growing requires meticulous trimming and an early force into flower to control the Haze-influenced size. This plant can touch the sky if not kept trimmed. While requiring a decent outdoor growing season, a finishing time of 8-10 weeks is getting off pretty easy for a Haze fan. The finish will be on the earlier side is you reside in an equatorial region.

La Nina buds are large and airy like the Haze, and produce thick crystals which tend to have a shorter neck and bigger head than most glands.As it finishes, La Nina barely looks like a pot plant, more resembling a Spanish broom plant because the flowers are so long and airy. The exotic Haze flavor consisting of mild sweet fruity tones was a point of selection in this hybrid, and remains intact through the cross.

With La Nina around, life will never be tame again. The high is so clear, you might feel seduced into thinking that you’re sober…until you try to do things, and feel the electricity of the buzz in your actions.






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La Nina Seeds


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1 comment to La Nina

  • Dominguez

    I purchased 10 seeds of La Nina from a Berkeley club 4 years ago. I liked it so much that I have been select seeding. Now I have a large amount of super healthy seeds I’d like to submit for sale if that is possible.

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