Jet 47 marijuana seeds

Jet 47

Type: Ruderalis
Genetics: AK47 x White Widow x Lowryder
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 50-60 days

TJet 47 is a hybrid of cannabis that was created by crossbreeding three different types of weed. These are the Lowryder number 2, White widow and AK 47.It is a kind of sativa known to possess superior characteristics than its indica .Those who seek this weed love the short time that it takes to flower .it produces flowers within a period of two and a half months. Within that short period, it is able to attain a height of between 60 and 90 centimeters .Due to the pot’s shortness and small build, the yield is relatively low ranging between 25 and 45 grams. The Ganja contains a lot of crystal resin glands compared to the indica.When one smokes Jet 47marijuana, one derives pleasure from its untainted and unmistakable original taste .It has a strong aroma and the effect of smoking it is almost felt instantaneously hence the name jet 47.







Autoflowering Jet 47 Seeds


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Auto Fem Jet 47 Seeds


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