Ice marijuana seeds


Nirvana Seeds

  • VARIETY – Hybrid
  • GENETICS – Skunk x White Widow
  • FLOWERING TIME – 63-70 days
  • HARVEST – late October

A new generation power plant, Ice weds kind bud with kind yields. Ice has few branches, minimal foliage, and many floral clusters: a plus when manicuring. Virtually all of the branches Ice extends will be heavily budded. A rapid grower, this plant can be put directly into flower after roots are established. She will double in height and start forming flowers in the first 2 weeks of the 12-hour regimen. No ice maiden, this strain is happiest with lots of fresh, warm, humid air circulating around her. Hydroponic methods will give the most effective results with the best resin production. A sea of green set-up is appropriate.

Ice practically fumes with nearly fuel-like scent of raw THC. Flavored like Nepali black hash, toking Ice is likely to induce coughing. Plan on putting your brain on ice because this variety’s heavy stone may leave you in lazy daze for hours.

*Ice strain information from Kind Green Buds

Ice seeds from Nirvana Seeds

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