Hobbit marijuana seeds


Type: Ruderalis
Genetics: US Ginger Ale x Ruderalis
Climate: Indoo / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 65 days from seed

Kannabia chose the US Ginger Ale (Haze x Cinderella 88) mother to breed the Hobbit Auto strain. Crossed with ruderalis this new autoflowerer displays great pest and disease resistance. Hobbit has a good production (30gr – 60gr per plant) and is finished in only 60 – 65 days from seed. Kannabis recommends pots of at least 7 liters for the best results. Hobbit reaches a height of 60cms – 90cms. The sweetest plant available according to the breeders and destined to become “your precious”.

The flowering period of this weed strain is expected in an average of 65 days. For indoor growth, the plant should be receiving a photoperiod of 18 hours. To achieve the maximum results both in potency and quantity of yield, a 7 liter pot container is very ideal for this cannabis plant. The best harvest time for outdoor cultivation is during the month of October. This flexible plant is highly resistant to parasites and to fungus attacks. It requires minimum attention only making it a good choice for first time marijuana growers. Hobbit in general is a good stain and is worth giving a try.







Auto Fem Hobbit Seeds


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