Exodus Cheese marijuana seeds

Exodus Cheese

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: UK Cheese x Skunk
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 8 weeks

Originally a clone-only strain, Exodus Cheese is now available in seed form from the breeder. In terms of appearance the buds are highly similar to the other Cheese varieties, with big buds that reek of that musky, cheesy smell.

Plan on having a bunch of room to grow these ladies as they tend to grow very vine-like and require a lot of room to spread out. It”s also recommended to support her many branches during growth as they will need it. She requires just an 8 week flowering period, where she”ll produce a massive harvest under the right conditions. When grown outdoors, she”ll be ready by the end of September. She”s recommended for gardeners with previous experience, but doesn”t require the skills of an expert grower.

Exodus Cheese provides excellent cheesy, mossy and earthy flavors that will cradle you gently to sleep as well as relieve many pain and discomfort needs. Go grab some now, you truly won”t regret it.






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Feminized Exodus Cheese Seeds


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