Ed Rosenthal Superbud marijuana seeds

Ed Rosenthal Superbud

Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Afghani, North Indian, Thai, African, Mexican, Jamaican
Climate: Indoor
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks

Sensi Seed Bank has release this elite strain inhonor of Ed Rosenthal, the undisputed heavyweight champion of growing gurus. Literally decades in the making, this hybrid achieves a superb layering of traits from both the indica and sativa ends of the cannabis spectrum. This variety was refined from the “Potent Evolved Hybrid” project, where pure Afghani cultivars and equatorial sativa strains were interbred over many years, and their offspring selected for potency and yeild at every step. The blend of tropical genes in ER Super Bud’s background is especially wide-ranging, representing sativas from all around the equatorial zone – Africa, South East Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud thrives outdoors in hot climates, and should be grown indoors in temperate or cold regions like Holland. Any medium is fine, and plants enjoy standard to generous fertilizer feedings. ER Super Bud is very manageable as she grows, with a surprisingly uniform growth pattern given her diverse heritage. This strain is suitable for sea of green; alternatively, both her indica and sativa phenotypes can be grown into excellent multi-stem plants.

Succulent flower formation is the Super Bud’s distinguishing feature. All females exhibit flower structures bursting with indica density, made even fatter by the running sativa tendency. The result is buds that swell upwards and outwards to crazy sizes and sport a tupendous covering of full-sized resin glands. ER buds also have a unique pistil formation – the oversized antennae sprouting from each calyx are covered with a visible fuzz of tiny hairs, giving them a “woolly” appearance. Different individuals show extra sativa or indica influence through subtle variations in the development and structure of their resin-soaked buds. The sativa-leaning females make particularly good multi-stem plants and produce huge oval calyxes which spiral into crooked bud-pyramids large enough to bend branches.

The indica phenotype’s flowers are distinct and impressive, building into voluptuous columns of snowy bud with main colas as thick as an arm. In other respects, phenotype variation is small, with a majority of plants flowering at the same speed and increasing their height by about 150%. A small proportion will show a jump at the onset of blooming, which first widens the gaps between internodes and later gives and even greater yield potential.

All plants from this strain are sweet smelling and taste of pineapple punch. As for the stone, get ready for an immediate body flush, a bright physical glow that’s not given to lethargy. Later, a cerebral high creeps up, subtle at first, yet longer lasting than the body effect. Ed Rosenthal Super Bud is sweetly relaxing, leaving plenty of energy for conversation and socializing with friends. Medicinally, this might be a good variety for chronic body pain and the blues that come with it.






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2 comments to Ed Rosenthal Superbud

  • john darbyshire

    hi guys just wanted to compliment Ed on his seriously good pain reliever and overall euphoric in the superbud. Whew bred and smoked that momma right thru to chocolate hash buddha with cinnamon fan pressing something fine. aaa great help in a tenous time love john cant wait till i can do it again.

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