Critical Skunk marijuana seeds

Critical Skunk

Type: mostly Sativa
Genetics: Critical Mass X Skunk
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 6-8 Weeks

From the breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank, comes a combination of Afghani and Skunk #1 to bring you Critical Mass. With a large “critical mass” of production, branches tend to snap from the weight of these dense buds. With a heavy leaf to flower ratio, flowering time is approximately 6-8 weeks. However, due to the large production of flowering, this strain is susceptible to mold and can be reduced by growing indoors to reduce humidity. THC levels may reach 19-22%.

This is a wonderful union in the making. As Critical Mass stormed the scene and gained worldwide recognition, so its cousin Critical Skunk should excite all who favour high quality, and high yielding strains.






Mr Nice

Critical Skunk Seeds


80.98 USD

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