Cobra marijuana seeds


Type: Ruderalis
Genetics: Blueberry, Lebanese and Lowryder #2
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 65 – 75 days

Like a cobra this plant will grow with one big bud and very few branches. The main cola is compact and the plant gives off a strong fruity strawberry smell. The buds and the leaves glisten with resin glands.

Cobra derives its name from the serpent for it has similar characteristics of growing like one. This hybrid marijuana strain is a product of crossing the Blueberry, Lebanese and Lowryder Number 2. The weed grows quite fast and is able to attain a height ranging between 40 and 90cm .It has a relatively low yield ranging from 25 grams to 45 grams per weed. This can be attributed to the short time that it takes to mature which can range between one and a half and two months. This weed can thrive when planted either indoor or out in the open.
This hybrid marijuana strain has a characteristic hard cola .The leaves and the buds of the Cobra shimmer which is as a result of the resin glands. When the buds of this pot are dried, they become fluffy in appearance. When one smokes the Ganja, it produces a distinct fruity and strawberry smell. Cobra makes the smoker to feel mildly high and relaxed for a few hours.







Feminized Cobra Seeds


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Autoflowering Cobra Seeds


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