Chiesel marijuana seeds


Type: Hybrid
Genetics: Diesel x Cheese
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks

The Chiesel project started in 2006 when friend and master breeder Soma gifted Big Buddha some of his legendary New York City Diesel in seed form. Out of these seeds, Big Buddha and his team selected a really nice phenotype of the diesel male to cross with the original Cheese clone.

These seeds were then given to growers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain to try out and report on. After the seeds were grown out, the search for a special Chiesel clone began. Big Buddha’s breeding mission was to select the one with the most grapefruit-fuel taste. This Chiesel was feminized by reversing it with itself. In November 2008, Chiesel was released.

Chiesel grows like its Cheese mama – a slender but open sativa structure with indica-style leaves. It has hybrid vigor, thriving best when left with many branches and fed generously with nutrients. The buds are like pine cone – compact, oblong, and dense with light electric green coloring and faint orange hairs. Flowering takes about 9 to 10 weeks depending on preferences and conditions. Earlier harvests will yield a taste that leans towards the Cheese / kush profile. When plants are left to flower longer, flavors are deeper, more grapefruit kush.

Chiesel is smelly and pungent while growing. It brings the old school sublimeness that the Cheese captures together in harmony with the grapefruit fuel kush of the Diesel. The flavors of this weed can serve as a party icebreaker, getting people talking, or circling for a taste of the hashy fuel pungency with a grapefruit sour edge. With Chiesel, the party doesn’t end there – this is a very up, energetic pot that has an electric enlivening feel to it. It can lead to giggling and improvisational creativity, and it has enough body balance to bring out a sensual mood when the party is only for two.






Big Buddha

Feminized Chiesel Seeds


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