B.Lee marijuana seeds


Type: Ruderalis
Genetics: Citrus x Ruderalis
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 60-65 days

Kannabia Seeds presents B. Lee, a new strain which crosses a Citrus with ruderalis genetics. The powerful phsychoactive effects and citrus flavour have been preserved in this autoflowering cannabis strain which is also exceptionally resistant to a range of pests and diseases including oidium which can cause powdery mildew to form, a mould that can destroy entire crops.

B. Lee grows into a very bushy plant with many long, orange buds that become covered in THC resin producing trichomes. B. Lee is exceptionally resistant to a wide range of pests and diseases including oidium, a fungal infection that can cause powdery mildew and which can destroy other crops completely. Kannabia itself recommends using pots of at least 7 litres for maximum production. Yields of 50 gr per plant can be achieved from plants that reach between 50cm – 75cm tall.







Auto Fem B.Lee Seeds


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