Auto AK74 x NYC Diesel marijuana seeds

Auto AK74 x NYC Diesel

Type: mostly Sativa
Genetics: AK74 x NYC Diesel
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 10 weeks from seed

Lowlife Seeds is one of the famous breeders that specialize in breeding cannabis seeds with auto-flowering characteristics. The success of this company started when they were able to isolate the auto-flowering properties of the famous Lowryder and blended it with other strains. They had much success in this endeavour that they were able to produce different hybrids with Lowryder characteristics.

This autoflowering cannabis strain combines the best of two very popular strains – AK74 and NYC Diesel. Both of these are sativa dominant and it shows when it comes to the smell and taste of these buds.







Auto AK74 x NYC Diesel Seeds


70.79 USD

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