Annapurna marijuana seeds


Type: Ruderalis
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Period: 100 – 120 days

This new strain is one of the new wave of Super Autos which Flash Seeds introduced to the market as a world novelty. Indica/sativa type with relaxing and brain energetic effect. It has a sweet menthol taste.

Annapurna feminised has been specially bred with indica and sativa genetics to give a bigger, larger yielding cannabis plant with a longer flowering period. This longer period of florescence does not mean that it is photo-dependent (light period) to trigger flowering as it will still flower irrespective of the length of “day”. Rather, as with all automatic strains, flowering is induced by the plant’s chronological age. Annapurna has a sweet, minty taste and has a relaxing physical effect while leaving one mentally alert.







Auto Fem Annapurna Seeds


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