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Growing quality marijuana heavily depends on understanding cannabis genetics and selecting the best seeds from reputable seed banks and breeders. Knowing the differences between indicas, sativas, ruderalis, and hybrid plants makes it easier to select strains that will produce the best results for your needs.

We offer the largest selection of marijuana seeds available for purchase online, including feminized and autoflowering seeds from top cannabis breeders and seed banks that ship worldwide.

OG Kush marijuana seeds
OG Kush

The “Original Gangster” OG Kush comes from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and is considered to be the strain that put Southern California buds on par with the flowers coming from up North. Developed over three generations and years of stabilizing as well as developing the perfect fertilizer / food for this particular strain…

White Widow marijuana seeds
White Widow

Since its introduction in 1995, White Widow has become an infamous breed in the world of weed. This variety can be found in almost every coffeeshop in Amsterdam, but while imitation may be the truest form of flattery, the genuine item bears the Greenhouse name. This variety’s reputation has been built on its excellence in smell, flavor, and quality..

NYC Diesel marijuana seeds
NYC Diesel

Soma’s New York City Diesel is a pungent sativa with invredible yields. Soma added some Hawaiian and Afghan indica influence to the popular, almost purely sativa Sour Diesel. This raises the hybrid’s calyx quotient – NYC Diesel becomes a colossus or airy bud formation with very few leaves. Soma reports indoor yields of up to 100 grams per pant..

Northern Lights marijuana seeds
Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (NL) is one of the most potent and famous indica varieties. Even though there are a lot of copies circulating around with variations on the name, there are only 3 pure types from the original development of Northern Lights, which Sensi was lucky to acquire. Historically, the NL 1, a longer, more stretchy type with a fresh..

AK-48marijuana seeds

Since the mid 1990′s “AK” strains have been increasingly popular. The Nirvana AK-48 is a strong early finishing version. Its Ice mother has ancestors of Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights and Shiva stock. An intense selection process drawing from thousands of plants was used to find this special mother. Ice flowers are richly covered in trichomes..

Ice marijuana seeds

Two types of grass gained popularity among Dutch growers in the mid-1990s. The red skunk strains gave high yields of middling quality weed, while the resinous white strains satisfied any ganja gourmet with flavor and quality of buzz, but gave only modest yields. After an intense selection process, Nirvana hybridized for the best qualities of these..

Hindu Kush marijuana seeds
Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush strain produces tiny, deep green plants while grown indoors. However, when grown outdoors, the plants are known to get beyond 10 feet in stature. The branches seem to form a cone or pyramid shape, and will blossom into many beautiful colors if maintained properly and treated with additional potassium.

Super Skunk marijuana seeds
Super Skunk

Skunkorama! Especially developed for Skunk lovers, this variety reeks with dank skunk odor. Sensi has crossed one of their best skunk lines back to Afghani ancestors, the Afghani T, to create Super Skunk: a variety with body and beautiful flower formation that is quick and easy to grow. Successful indoors or for greenhouse gardening in most..

White Rhino marijuana seeds
White Rhino

White Rhino is a strong, fast-growing, near-pure indica with ancestry in the same lineage as her more famous relative, White Widow. As the name suggests, this plant is tough and sturdy, with a thick skin for high temperatures as well as cold nights. This strain delivers a knockout, medicinal-grade indica stone.

Haze marijuana seeds

During the 70′s the origins of our Haze cannabis started in the low hills of the Bay Area, in California. It is a solid magic combination of Mexican, Columbian, Jamaican and Thai. Haze strain features furry buds, a very lengthy flowering phase and gives out a strong and speedy high. Haze has a complicated aroma that virtually smells like a normal..

Diesel marijuana seeds

A sensational and radical new cannabis mix, Diesel marijuana is an F1 hybrid of our popular Mixed Sativa marijuana and a specially stabilised Aurora Indica cannabis. The latter’s heavy, greasy narcotic buzz beautifully takes the edge off the crispness and speedy effect of the former. Diesel’s shockingly powerful terpenoids result in a weed..

Bubblelicious marijuana seeds

A strain that has been developed in the Midwest, USA, the Bubblelicious dates back in history and slowly became popular both to growers and smokers as well. It was brought to Netherlands in 1990 and since then, it has also been one of the most popular strains in this area. The Bubblelicious grows vigorously and provides a great yield.

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